Whether in a commercial or residential space, moving is no small task. It comes with a number of important details to cover and boxes to check, from large items and their moving needs to the numerous smaller areas you have to evaluate for value and importance during the process of packing and unpacking.

At Best of Utah Moving Co., our residential and commercial movers are here to help with all details of your move, large and small. One vital area we help our clients avoid glossing over no matter their moving needs: Food, and ensuring it’s not wasted during the moving process. Here are some general tips we can offer in terms of moving or disposing of food in economical, sensible ways during a move.

Meal Planning Ahead of Move

For starters, the conscientious mover will take stock of the food present in their residential or commercial kitchen ahead of time – at least a week or two, maybe more depending on the size of the kitchen and who uses it. Evaluate everything in your fridge, freezer and storage cabinets, then do some rough planning in terms of how much will likely be consumed before the move itself takes place.

In general, we recommend going through your perishable food items first. If possible, plan things out so that most or all of your perishables are consumed by the actual move date, leaving only non-perishable items that are simply stored and don’t risk spoiling during or after the move itself.

Moving Day Snacks

Particularly if you’ll be participating in the move yourself and know it will be a long process, plan to leave just a bit of food around for you and other employees on the day of the move. Good items here include water bottles, hand-eaten snacks and perhaps some simple sandwiches.

Donation Items

If your home or commercial building’s kitchen ends up with significant amounts of unneeded food in advance of a move, one great outlet for it is donating to one of several local organizations. The Utah Food Bank, for instance, has several great donation programs and drop-off locations available. This can make one big part of your move simpler while also contributing to the betterment of your community.

Transporting Food

In addition to the above areas, know that our movers are thrilled to help with delivery and on-site moving needs. We can move a variety of items from place to place, and will even go to the store or other locations to pick up items that need to be delivered – including food or kitchen items like fridges, freezers and others.

For more on ensuring food isn’t wasted during a move, or to learn about any of our movers or moving services, speak to the staff at Best of Utah Moving Co. today.

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