Every move is different, but there are a few items or themes you can expect to see during virtually every moving experience. At or near the top of the list here: Cardboard boxes, trusty longtime companions of movers and homeowners everywhere.

At Best of Utah Moving Co., we’re happy to either use your boxes or provide our own professional-quality boxes and packing materials when our commercial or residential movers are assisting you with a move. But what happens when the move is finished and you have a number of extra boxes left over? In addition to speaking to our staff about recycling or other future uses of the materials, here are several approaches for how to use moving boxes within daily life.


The simplest option here is to continue using boxes for storage, just in different ways. Boxes of various sizes make for great storage containers, whether placed on shelves, in closets or even in your garage or your vehicle. There are often items in a given move that need to stay with you, but aren’t necessarily required on a daily basis – keeping them in boxes leaves them out of the way, and they’re also convenient to move again if you have to do so in the near future.

Shipping Packages

If you tend to send a number of packages and larger mail pieces during the year, keep some of your old moving boxes around to use for this purpose. You can save significant money and hassle by providing your own boxes here instead of purchasing them at the post office.

In addition, cardboard materials work well as packaging protection. You can cut them up into smaller pieces to absorb shock in a given package, or just use them for tougher wrapping items that have sharp or blunt edges.

Protective Materials

Carboard is a thick and durable material, making it an excellent choice as a protective barrier for a variety of projects or purposes. Many people use cardboard as a floor protector when changing their vehicle’s oil, for instance, or as a general barrier when painting a given room or area. It provides both a catcher for unwanted materials like paint or oil and a strong barrier to block scratching or other concerns.

Pet Use

If you have a dog or cat, transferring a box or two over to them could be a great treat. Cats, in particular, love to play around with and within cardboard boxes, while dogs can be endlessly entertained if you convert some boxes into a playhouse or even a small doghouse.

Children and Crafts

Boxes are also a great outlet for children to express creativity and enjoy themselves, whether they’re used to make forts or to turn into some kind of arts-and-crafts project. With Halloween right around the corner, cardboard boxes can also be utilized for costume ideas and design.

For more on future uses of cardboard moving boxes, or to learn about any of our commercial or residential moving services, speak to the staff at Best of Utah Moving Co. today.

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