At Best of Utah Moving Co., we’re proud to serve as your full-service residential or commercial movers. We’ll handle as much or as little of the process as you need from us, from full-on packing and long-distance moving if needed down to providing equipment and offering our expertise on any areas you need assistance in.

One particular group who needs to take a little extra care during the moving process: Those who have pets in their home, particularly involved pets like dogs or cats. Let’s go over some general tips we tend to offer our clients who are moving furry friends along with themselves and their families, including tips for both the day of the move and the long-term future.

Overnight Essentials

For starters, you aren’t the only entity here who might benefit from basic overnight essentials kit while moving – your pet will appreciate this as well. Pack some food, water, toys and potentially grooming tools for your pet if you think you might need them, ensuring they won’t go without basic needs even if delays take place during the move.

​In addition, be prepared for the fact that your pet will be uncomfortable and will have to adjust to this new environment. With this in mind, we recommend bringing a few comfort items you know they’re familiar with to keep them happy. This is particularly useful for dogs.

ID and Information

Once you’ve completed the move, or even in advance of it, be sure to update pet collar tags and any chipped information to reflect your new address and contact information. This is vital in case the pet happens to be lost, whether during the move or in the future. On top of this, we recommend informing your local vet about your new move, and getting a recommendation for a new vet if you’re moving to a new city or state.

Drive Them Yourself

​If your move is within driving distance and this is realistic, we recommend driving your pets to the new home yourself. This will give them a bit more familiarity and comfort during a stressful time, hopefully helping to prevent them from acting out. This will also make it easier to prepare any vehicle carriers or restraints you use.

In cases where you have to transport a pet over a longer distance, ensure any hotels you’re staying in are pet-friendly.

​Avoid Movers

If at all possible, try to keep your pets away from any movers on the scene during moving day. This is for both the pet’s safety and the movers’ protection, plus helps keep the pet calm and relaxed despite all the changes taking place.

For more on how to care for pets during a moving process, or to learn about any of our professional moving services, speak to the staff at Best of Utah Moving Co. today.

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