If you’re preparing for a significant move in the near future, one of the top considerations for the moving process will be how you’ll handle the larger appliances being transported to the new location. Bulkier items like fridges, freezers, stoves, and washer-dryer combos are all very important during a move, but due to their weight and size, they require a bit more care than many smaller items.

At Best of Utah Moving Co., we’re here to help with this and any other needs you have from our movers during either a commercial or residential move. Our moving services are flexible – we can provide full-service moving where you don’t have to lift a finger, but we can also customize our services so you don’t pay for any unnecessary services. Let’s go over some general tips on preparing large appliances for an upcoming move.

Disconnect Appliance Wires

​First and foremost, take some time in direct advance of the move to disconnect various appliances that have wired connections to electricity, gas or other power sources. Some moving companies won’t even touch appliances until this is done, mostly for liability issues – movers are not certified to handle electrical appliances, for instance.

Another big tip for this area: When you’ve unplugged appliances, secure each plug on the back of the corresponding appliance with some packing tape. Organize any loose cord so there’s no hanging cord that could trip someone during the move or damage the appliance. In addition, tape or secure any other components that may come loose or swing out, such as doors, knobs and other parts.

Fridge and Water Line

Two parts that are particularly important for disconnecting in advance: The refrigerator and water line. These should both be disconnected at least 24 hours ahead of the move time – in the case of the fridge this is to prevent leaks, while for the water line this is to prevent the formation of mold or mildew. We also recommend cleaning and drying all the shelves in the fridge, plus the drip tray found near the bottom.

Stove Considerations

For starters, clean and disinfect the entire stove, both inside and out. We recommend removing racks if possible, though some are fastened in. Always disconnect the gas first if you have a gas stove – if you have an electric model, you have to check the power supply in your new location to ensure it’s compatible.

Washer and Dryer

Preparing the washer and dryer for a move involves locating the components present when these items were first purchased, namely those used to secure the drums. If you cannot find these, contact the manufacturer about replacements – these parts are vital for easily transporting these items.

​For more on preparing appliances for moving day, or to learn about any of our movers or moving services, speak to the staff at Best of Utah Moving Co. today.

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