If you’re getting ready for an upcoming move, some of your top considerations may be centered around safely and securely moving valuable items. Such items can vary widely between individuals, but one common broad type is various high-value artwork pieces that might be in your home or business.

​At Best of Utah Moving Co., we’re proud to provide a range of professional residential and commercial moving services, with movers experienced in packing and transporting a wide variety of art pieces and other high-value items. Whether you’re leaving the move completely to us or remaining involved yourself, here are some general tips when it comes to ensuring your valued artwork is taken care of during the move.

Inform Our Team

​For starters, inform your point of contact with us of your high-value items well in advance of the actual moving day. This will allow us to communicate with our movers ahead of time, ensuring they bring the proper materials needed to pack and transport your art. If possible, provide measurements and size dimensions to our experts as well (more on this in a moment).

Pre-Wrapping Misconceptions

One other tip for helping our team be better prepared: While you may think you’re saving time by pre-wrapping art or other pieces in bubble wrap, the opposite may actually be the case. Our movers may need to unwrap and inspect various pieces for pre-existing damage, creating more work for everyone involved.

While we appreciate the effort, we’d prefer to just provide the most accurate information possible about these pieces. You do not have to pre-wrap them in any way.

Consider Size and Dimensions

Not only should you supply our pros with accurate sizing and dimension information, there are some basic crux points to think about here as well. If your art is small enough to fit into a standard cube-sized box, for instance, you may be able to pack them using basic cushioning above or below – pieces in this format should stand upright on their short edges.

If you have multiple small items, you can match items of a similar size into a single small box. If you have a variety of sizes, on the other hand, start with the biggest objects first and then use smaller ones to fill in the box space.

Packaging and Protection

You need to consider both durable packaging and proper protection, for which packing paper is very valuable. Use bumpers and picture frames in a perpendicular way so they don’t slip past each other and crack or damage other items. Also use sheets of packing paper between each frame.

Frame Alignment

Another frame tip if your artwork contains several of them: Frames should be packed in such a way that their fronts always face each other (and therefore, the opposing backs also face each other). This is so sharp or blunt hardware on the back of the piece doesn’t face the front frame and risk damaging it. Also ensure your framed pieces are never leaning in the box, and rather standing straight up to create even pressure.

​For more on properly packing and transporting valuable artwork during a move, or to learn about any of our professional mover services, speak to the staff at Best of Utah Moving Co. today, especially if you’re looking for movers in Salt Lake city.