​As anyone who has taken part in such a process in the past well knows, moving is a period that involves lots of cleaning and organization. This is not only to clear yourself out of your old space efficiently, but also to make things as simple and straightforward as possible once you’re unloading at your next location.

At Best of Utah Moving Co., we offer comprehensive commercial and residential movers and related moving services for all your needs. Our professional local movers right here in Salt Lake City will assist you with items both large and small, including helping with general organization and cleanliness throughout the process. When it comes to specific cleaning, here are five items or areas we recommend looking into closely before or during the day of the move.

Washing Dishes

Ensuring your dishes are clean before moving may not sound like a big deal, but it’s important because in many moving situations, dishes and similar items are some of the very last items to be unpacked in the new home. Along with laundry items and certain other smaller considerations, it’s not uncommon for certain families to go days or even a week without unpacking their dishes.

If you’re concerned about the logistics of all your dishes, consider purchasing cheap disposable plates and cutlery for temporary use.

Attic, Basement, Etc.

If you’re the type who has piled a number of belongings into a storage area in the attic, basement or some other location in the home, you should be taking time ahead of the move itself to clean and organize these areas. Many people choose to donate old items or clothing pieces they aren’t using anymore, though there will certainly be some items that need to go in the trash. This process will make your move simpler while also helping you clean the space for future occupants.


Before a move, you should deep clean your fridge if it’s coming with you. Empty the drip tray in the bottom, plus wipe down and disinfect all shelving and drawers inside. Throw away any expired food, and prepare to unplug the fridge and freezer (the latter in particular) at least 24 hours prior to the move, allowing them time to defrost.

Planter Considerations

If your planters are coming to your new home, the big question is whether you’re keeping the plants in them or not. If so, don’t water them right before the move, as this will increase their weight and make them unstable in some cases, in addition to leaking risks. If not, just make sure the planters are empty and clean before our movers arrive.

Foot Paths

Finally, be sure to clean your pathways ahead of moving day – not only for aesthetics, but also for the safety of yourself and our movers. Leaving a clear path to and from the home makes moving simpler and easier, with no injury risk or liability to be concerned about.

For more on items or areas to clean ahead of moving day, or to learn about any of the services our professional movers can provide, speak to the staff at Best of Utah Moving Co. today.

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