What You Need To Know Before Moving To Utah

The pros and cons of moving to Utah is a list leaning heavily to the former. Many thousands of people have already decided Utah is a good state to move to, making it the fastest-growing state in the United States in 2022 with a population growth rate of 15%. Still, whether you’re drawn by the stunning natural beauty, thriving economy, safety or plentiful access to quality education and health care, you’d be wise to seek out some tips for moving to Utah.

Here’s our checklist of things to know before moving to Utah:

  • Three climates, all the seasons: Utah has three climatic regions, each covering about one-third of the state. The high mountains and plateaus are humid; basins, valleys and flatlands often arid; and the transitional regions in between a mix of both. Winters are cold and snowy for great skiing, summers are hot and dry for hiking and mountain biking, springtimes are wet and the fall colors amazing.
  • The state isn’t flat, but income taxes are: Utah has a flat state income tax of 4.65%. Property taxes in the state are on the low side, and sales taxes around the national average.
  • Understand retirement taxation: Utah taxes Social Security benefits and withdrawals from retirement accounts, however, there is no estate tax.
  • Utah is a red state: Utah, as a whole, is politically conservative. Pockets of liberalism exist in Salt Lake City, which has had a Democratic mayor since 1976, and also in Moab and Park City. What to know before moving to Utah includes the fact that Utahns are almost always super friendly, so politics rarely rouse conflict.
  • Utah rocks: The state is home to five national parks. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands and Arches contain incredible rock formations. Be prepared for many day trips with visiting friends from the flatlands.
  • Beer is a big deal: Since the state increased the alcohol limit in brews from 3.2% to 5%, the microbrewery scene has exploded. There are dozens of craft brewers across the state. On the flip side, remember that many businesses are not open on Sundays, including state-run liquor stores.
  • Nature has a dark side: Life in Utah includes the potential for earthquakes (the Wasatch Fault is a biggie), landslides, floods, wildfires and avalanches. Avalanches, primarily in the Wasatch Mountains, typically claim several lives annually, and flash floods are the other primary weather-related killer.
  • Utahns are young and healthy: Utah’s median age of 30.7 makes it the youngest state in the nation. Its birth rate of 14.9 births per 1,000 is also No. 1. Its lowest-in-the-country rates for excessive drinking among adults (11.3%) and smoking (9%) plus a largely outdoorsy populace also make it one of the healthiest states.
  • Get used to fry sauce: Basically ketchup and mayo, sometimes with a bit of relish, fry sauce is the french fry-dipping condiment of choice across the state. You’ll also see plenty of cheeseburgers with pastrami, funeral potatoes and green gelatin dessert.

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