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Are you moving far away or to a different state soon? If so, finding a professional long-distance moving company is crucial not only for your health but also for the opportunity to actually enjoy the long-distance move by having a great experience. You’re looking for a long-distance moving company in Salt Lake City with qualified staff who can pack, load, transport, and unload your belongings with the same level of care that you personally would. Right? More importantly, you need to ensure that your possessions are safe and secure throughout the entire interstate moving process.


Long-Distance moving or interstate moving services are pretty much the same thing. There does seem to be a bit of confusion among consumers however when referring to the two, particularly when they are searching for long-distance moving companies in their area to help them. Let me explain.

The short answer and the main difference is simply that for interstate movers you are typically crossing state lines. This often requires experience and knowledge of specific requirements that may be necessary.

A long-distance move is typically considered to be anything between (or over) 200 to 400 miles from the departing point among industry experts. Therefore, smaller moves that are, say between 50 to 100 miles, are looked at and likely to be considered a local residential move. Unless of course, as mentioned above, you have to cross state lines, in which case it’s considered an interstate move. Some people live close to state borders and can often be completely different cities in terms of rules or regulations.

Long-distance moving can also be referred to as a long-haul move, interstate move, or a cross-country move, based on the size and distance of the move and its destination. Interstate movers and cross-country describe the ones that cross state (or multiple states) borders – and not every long-distance move does.


This is one of the most frequently asked questions and one that depends entirely on how far and what’s being moved. Therefore the cost for moving long distance must be specific to your needs.

On average, however, moving out of state can cost around $5,000 per truck or a bit less. But again, that’s just an average. Your interstate move can be half that cost or a lot more, it just depends. By the way, if you would like us to provide an estimated cost for your long-distance move, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

The total cost will usually rely on the load’s size, what you are carrying, and the distance you need to go. While short trips can run $2,000 to $6,000 per truck, larger or relatively longer distances can average between $4,000 to $10,000 per truck.

Moving long-distance can be fun to plan and certainly an exciting time for you and the family. Almost like a new adventure. But you will have to decide whether this will be something you take up all on your own or hire a professional long-distance moving company to help you and make the entire process easier and headache-free.

For that, you must consider your type of furniture, is it heavy, bulky, an antique perhaps, and what type of protection will all this require to keep it all safe from potential damage along the way. These are all valid questions you should ask yourself, and be honest of course. This is something you must get right the first time.


The time duration that a long-distance move should take will rely on a range of factors. The company you hire, the distance of your move, as well as the time of the year that you decide to move, will all play an important role in the time duration that you must wait to get your shipment.

So, how far are you moving? The actual distance that your out-of-state movers must carry your shipment is one of the primary factors that will establish your delivery rate. In case you’re moving clear across the country from Los Angeles to New York, for example, then your goods will need to travel about 3,000 miles. This could range anywhere from a week to two assuming everything is going directly to your new location. Some clients require additional items to be picked up or even dropped off elsewhere along the way. Not common, however, but depends on your situation and needs.

If you are only moving to the next state or nearby, the move can happen in a matter of days, a week at most. Taking the time to properly plan and find the right moving help is essential when moving such a long distance.



You might be wondering why to choose us? Or what distinguishes us from the rest? In all honesty, we possess relevant and the right kind of experience to handle such large and important moves. Our goal is to always make your move run efficiently, seamlessly, and without any issues. We never allow common moving challenges to slow down our service since we can anticipate what exactly they are and find ways to avoid them. In other words, our experience in moving families and businesses long-distance allows us to be proactive about all aspects of your move. How does a worry-free moving experience sound to you?
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