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Searching for dependable moving companies in Herriman, UT can be overwhelming. Whether you’re relocating across the street or across the state, Best of Utah Moving Company is here to provide the most reliable services for your seamless move. This guide explains why we are the best movers Herriman has to offer, focusing on efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.


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Key Takeaways

  • Best of Utah Moving Company is a leading local moving company in Herriman with over 10 years of experience, professional full-time movers, and a commitment to hassle-free, transparent, and reliable moving services.

  • Our company provides comprehensive moving solutions including full-service packing, climate-controlled storage, and specialized services for long-distance relocations, ensuring a seamless experience across various types of moves.

  • In addition to our moving services, Best of Utah Moving Company gives back to the community by donating meals to Feeding America and adapts to Herriman’s seasonal moving challenges, accommodating moves during any time of the year.

Best of Utah Moving Company: Why We Lead in Local Moves

Best of Utah Moving Company has made a name for itself as a leading Herriman moving company. With a 100% show rate and proactive customer service approach, our moving company turns moving into a hassle-free experience. Our company’s team of full-time movers undergo rigorous training and thorough background checks, ensuring a team that is professional and reliable. Our company is also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating.

Not only does our professional moving company excel as local movers, but it also boasts a stellar reputation with over 10 years in the business, servicing over 10,000 moves, and earning over 3000 five-star reviews online.

Full-Service Offerings for Every Herriman Move

Relocating involves more than just packing boxes. Best of Utah Moving Company offers an extensive range of services for the entire process of your Herriman move, including:

  • Handling delicate items such as appliances, art, antiques, and pianos
  • Providing climate-controlled storage solutions
  • Carefully packing, labeling, and arranging your belongings
  • Making the process of moving into your new space a breeze

The comprehensive offerings of our Herriman movers set them apart, making us a trusted choice for both local moves in Herriman UT and long-distance moves to or from the Wasatch Front. With the help of reliable Herriman movers we move customers all over locally, from South Jordan to West Jordan and Salt Lake City to Provo. For long distance, we can move you anywhere across the country, whether that’s Arizona, Texas, or Florida, we’ve got you covered. As one of the top Herriman moving companies, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving experience.

Our commitment to transparency further enhances our credibility. We do not charge any extra or hidden fees, ensuring straightforward pricing for their services. This dedication to honest communication and fulfilling special requests has earned us an impeccable reputation and multiple awards, solidifying our position as Utah’s top-rated moving company with competitive movers cost.


Seamless Moving Experiences with Professional Packing

Packing is often the most daunting task when moving. However, Best of Utah Moving Company simplifies this challenge by offering full-service packing services designed to secure belongings and ensure safe transportation. As a reliable packing company, our professional packing services, backed by valuation and protection services, provide customers peace of mind throughout the moving process.

This meticulous attention to detail contributes to the overall seamless moving experience with our Herriman movers, making your move stress-free and efficient, as we provide all the services needed, including a free moving estimate.

Climate Controlled Storage for Herriman Moves

For those who need storage solutions during their move, Best of Utah Moving Company offers:

  • Climate-controlled storage for Herriman, Utah customers, perfect for protecting temperature-sensitive items
  • A variety of storage unit sizes to accommodate the space you need

This added convenience ensures that your belongings are safe and accessible, providing an extra layer of assurance during your transition.

A Herriman Moving Company that Specializes in Long-Distance Moves

For those planning a long-distance move to or from Herriman, UT, you are in good hands with Best of Utah Moving Company. We specialize in both intra-state and interstate relocations, providing professional packing and secure warehouse storage. Our dedicated and professional team is fully licensed and insured, including general liability and workers’ compensation coverage, ensuring a smooth long-distance relocation experience.

In addition, long distance moving companies based in Salt Lake City like Best of Utah Moving Company offer unique services such as crating and fragile-only packing, catering to specific moving needs. We understand that every move is unique and that long-distance relocations often require additional considerations. With our wide range of services and experienced team, we are equipped to handle any moving challenge, making us the top choice for long-distance moves from Herriman.

Community Commitment: Feeding America and Local Engagement

Best of Utah Moving Company’s commitment extends beyond moving services. We believe in giving back to the community they serve. For every moving service provided, our company donates 10 meals to Feeding America, supporting those in need.

Through our ongoing efforts, Best of Utah Moving Company has contributed over 200,000 meals to Feeding America, demonstrating their dedication to making a positive impact in our community.

Tailored Moving Solutions for Herriman Residents

Every move is unique, and our team understands this. We offer a variety of moving services tailored to the specific needs of Herriman residents, accommodating different types of homes such as single-family houses, apartments, and townhouses. Whether you’re planning a local move within the city or a state-wide move, our comprehensive offerings ensure you have a stress-free move tailored to your specific circumstances.

Adapting to Herriman's Seasons: Moving Any Time of Year

Similar to other cities in the Salt Lake valley, Herriman, Utah, experiences a range of weather patterns, which can significantly affect moving conditions. Whether it’s the soaring summer temperatures or the chilly winter days, the moving challenges can vary greatly. This is where the expertise of professional movers comes into play.

Professional man movers in Herriman should be equipped to handle the stress of relocating in the face of temperature variability and changing weather conditions. Our movers come prepared with the necessary equipment and skilled drivers to ensure a seamless moving experience, rain, snow, or shine. Regardless of the season, you can trust our professional Herriman movers to make your move smooth and stress-free.

Discovering Herriman, UT: A Gem in the Wasatch Front

Nestled in the Wasatch Front, Herriman, UT is a city on the rise. Since its incorporation, it has seen significant expansion, growing from 1,523 residents in 2000 to a population of 55,144 by 2020. This growth is not surprising given Herriman’s strong sense of community, quality education system, and vibrant dining scene.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Herriman, located near Salt Lake City, offers numerous hiking trails suitable for all skill levels. Trails like the Yellow Fork Loop Trail and the Overlook Bench via Friendship Drive offer stunning views of the Oquirrh Mountains and Salt Lake Valley. For soccer enthusiasts, the Zions Bank Real Academy provides a stadium and training facilities. These attractions, coupled with the city’s family-friendly environment, make Herriman a gem worth discovering.

The Economic Landscape of Herriman: Cost of Living and Job Market

Moving to a new city involves more than just packing and transportation; understanding the local economic landscape is crucial. Here are some key points about Herriman’s cost of living:

  • It is estimated to be 106.5% of the national average.

  • This places it in the middle range for cities across the United States.

  • It is balanced by substantial median household and individual incomes.

The median household income in Herriman is $109,154, making it 37% higher than the state average. Meanwhile, the median individual income is $47,942, which is 33% higher than the state average. These figures indicate a flourishing economy and suggest that for many, the moderately high cost of living is justified by the earning potential. Thus, while moving within or to Herriman requires careful economic consideration, the city’s robust economy and job market make it an attractive destination.

Exploring Herriman, UT: Activities and Attractions for Newcomers

Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to explore all that Herriman has to offer. For nature lovers, the city is a paradise. Herriman Peaks are accessible via trails used by mountain bikers, hikers, and runners. Whether you’re looking for a strenuous workout or a leisurely stroll, there’s a trail to suit your needs.

Beyond the natural beauty, Herriman also offers a vibrant community life. The city boasts a range of kid-friendly restaurants and a thriving dining scene highlighting quality New American cuisine. This combination of outdoor activities and community amenities ensures a rich and fulfilling lifestyle for those who choose to make Herriman their home.

In nearby, Salt Lake City, you will also find sports teams such as the Utah Jazz of the NBA and the Salt Lake Bees, a minor league MLB team. There is also the recent addition of the Utah Hockey Team in the NHL.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition: Tips from Your Herriman Movers

While moving can be a stressful process, with the right planning and organization, it can be a smooth and even enjoyable experience. One crucial tip for a successful move is to book your moving services well in advance. Customers in Herriman typically book at least 10 days ahead of their move date to ensure efficient scheduling and planning. Creating a detailed moving checklist can also help break down the move into manageable steps, contributing to a structured and stress-free moving experience.

Organization is key to a successful move. Here are some tips to help you stay organized:

  • Label boxes with the contents and the room they belong to

  • Keep an inventory of your items

  • Enlist help from friends and family for practical assistance and emotional support

Above all, maintaining a positive mindset can greatly ease the stress of moving, allowing for a smoother transition and a more joyful engagement with your new beginning in Herriman.


In conclusion, Herriman, Utah, is a thriving city with a growing population, a vibrant community, and a promising economic landscape. Its top-rated moving companies, like Best of Utah Moving Company, provide comprehensive and tailored services to accommodate every moving need.

Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, our professionals can ensure a seamless and stress-free transition. With proper planning, organization, and a positive attitude, your move to Herriman can be an exciting start to a new chapter.

When choosing a moving company in Herriman, as well as surrounding areas such as South Jordan and West Jordan, it’s essential to consider reliability, experience, and service range. Best of Utah Moving Company stands out for its commitment to excellence, dependability, and comprehensive service offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions about your movers in Farmington

Moving can raise a lot of questions, especially when you’re relocating to a new city. To help ease your concerns, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions about moving in Herriman.

Who is the best moving company to hire in Herriman, UT?

The best moving company to hire in Herriman, UT is Best of Utah Moving Company, as they are highly rated, locally owned, and committed to excellence on every move.


We charge by the hour, providing transparent and honest pricing.

The answer is don’t wait until the last minute to get on the schedule. It’s recommended to book moving services at least 10 days in advance to secure your preferred move date with the best moving companies in the area.

When choosing a Herriman moving company, it’s important to hire the best. Look for reliability, experience, and a comprehensive service range; this is what you can expect with Best of Utah Moving Company. We will give you the best moving experience.

To ensure a smooth transition when moving to Herriman, it’s important to prioritize organization, plan ahead of time, and maintain a positive mindset throughout the process. These steps can greatly ease the stress of moving.

If you need further assistance or information, feel free to reach out to their customer support team.